As a small team, we’re all generalists and constantly picking up new challenges. When it comes to product and code, we’re looking to work with experienced people who can pick a problem and solve it. We use TypeScript and build scalable systems so we can continuously make progress on a solid foundation. We don’t expect you to have a background in everything we use, but we do expect strong JavaScript fundamentals and a background working with React, and ideally TypeScript.

What you'll do

  • Building new user-facing features with beautiful and scalable UI components
  • Work closely with founders and design to implement fast new feature concepts
  • Implement complex React components from drag & drop to virtualized rendering of large data collections
  • Adding real-time collaborative editing to our content editor
  • Improving application performance by profiling
  • Redefining best-in-class software development processes so that we can build an opinionated product


  • React frontend with Emotion styling, utilizing hooks for the composability of functionality
  • Proprietary data synchronization library built for speed and offline support
  • MobX for binding the data model to the UI
  • Quill.js-based content editor
  • Electron desktop application
  • Public GraphQL API that has access to all of the user's data
  • Node, Postgres and Redis in the backend
  • Hosted on Google Cloud
  • GitHub, Slack, Mem
  • Design system with React component library

What we offer

  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Work life balance
  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Employee-friendly equity terms (early exercise, extended exercise)
  • Macbook Pro, 4K display and accessories
  • Stipend to set up your home office
  • Paid lunch, coffee, and dinner during work days
  • SF Bay Area office hub
  • Health, dental and vision insurance (US)
  • Regular team events and offsites
  • 21 days paid vacation
  • 4 months paid parental leave